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I help students and others with their academic literature and university assignments, including research papers and essays. I only accept projects and topics I believe I would do well and on time. The subject needs to be discussed prior to my accepting the assignment. I will work hard to give you the highest quality university assignment possible.



High-quality academic writing is fifteen cents per word. So 500 words costs $75. This includes all research. There are no other charges.



 Most professors say a typical page has between 250 and 300 words.



For large projects I often charge less.



And revisions are free for everything I do. So if you want changes after I send it to you, I will do it free.


My writing is often laconic, meaning I use few words to convey much information. So every page of my writing has more information than what most writers provide. This can save you money, as oftentimes a shorter paper can be turned in.


And I write and edit in all style formats, including AP, APA, Chicago, MLA and AMA.



The academic literature is for research purposes only. 
Feel free to call 978.967.7579 anytime. You may send me an e-mail at HighQuality@WritingAndEditingServices.Net.

I hope to hear from you soon.

John Pike